We got inspired by two things, the Skyscanner challenge and the fact that people actually often have a problem with coming up with an idea of where to travel and which new places they can explore.

What it does

Our product uses Skyscanner API to get information about flights and hotels. Our search engine then uses these information combined with variables provided from users visiting our website in order to propose him an interesting location to visit, together with a hotel and flight which fits in a predefined budget.

How we built it

Our approach was to build a single page application in a modern way. Anguar, client side app is knocking to backend side written in Ruby on Rails. We integrated a couple of APIs together. Skyscanner search engine is used for best choice of flight and hotel. Once we choose the destination we ask foursquare to provide us with places worth seeing.

Challenges we ran into

One of the most challanging problems we solved was to find out how to split our budget between flight and hotel. It doesn’t seem to be very complex at the first view but one needs to take into account the fact that Skyscanner API serves live data and it responds in a couple of seconds. We needed to decide how much we can spend on flights tickets before we know how much hotels costs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Implementing Skyscanner's API and making it work.
  • Building responsive, single page application

What we learned

First of all we have learned how to work with each other, as we have created this team in Warsaw, especially for this hackaton. As for programming, we have learned xxxx

What's next for Flymaginary

We plan to finish the project with a properly made frontend. It's also worth implementing google places and trip advisor APIs in order to show more complex information about "interesting" places, which we offer to our users.

The next stage of our platform includes an expansion in form of broadening our service with a possibility to search and buy tickets for events that are either random or chosen by users. It can be accomplished by implementing APIs of web portals, such as Eventim.

During the hackaton we have also found a very interesting website "", which allows to see "best deals" in a chosen city. It can be city tours, museum tickets, etc. and they are actively looking for a partners, so it would be wise to partner up with them and show their offer under a places, which we propose to our users.

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