FlyKind App - Stay Calm and Keep Flying By: Regina Tam, Srilakshmi Godavarti, and Tara Peters Create a peaceful state of mind by transposing stress feelings to relaxed feelings through immersive experiences. Use the FlyKind app to reduce stress and create a pleasant flight experience for those with flight anxiety and special needs.

Features# Immersive video experiences Scenes and sounds of nature Rainforest, waterfalls, beach, trees Cycles through positive reinforcement messages Breathing exercises

We were inspired by the non-competitive aspect and creating a safe environment to explore and test new things. We wanted to create this application because there's a huge need for it. Mental illness tends to be an invisible illness, and we hope to offer a free and accessible application to help those in need. Whether you experience flight anxiety or are traveling with someone who has special needs, FlyKind is made just for you!

We built this application using Flutter and dart on Android Studio. The challenges we faced are applying the tools we learned on the same day and delivering a functional prototype of the app within the given time constraints.

The FlyKind team learned a new tool and collaboration on producing a working app with Flutter.

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