The government is taking steps to open back the economy in a phased fashion. This means the deployment of an app that can pinpoint the spread of infection and the identification of hotspots. It is important both from the health perspective and from public confidence to ensure safety. Think of Dettol, the reason why it is the leading antibacterial solution in the world is because the consumers associate the smell with cleanliness. Now imagine a world where every area that is suspected gives the smell of safety.

What it does

The idea is to integrate our software with any tracking solution that is deployed. This will then send a command which deploys our drones equipped with a tank containing a disinfectant that can be sprayed over the area. The area can then be marked as safe.

How I built it

We have repurpose a lot of these components from the agricultural and auto sectors to scale the solution.

Challenges I ran into

Main challenge is that the ideading to the current stage is while the india is in lockdown. This make sourcing of hardware and connecting the team together very difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Recently we presented our working concept of the UI in the hackthecrisis in india event, which is still underdevelopment. but being out there are trying to work towards the strict timeline was quite an experience. We consider being able to get shortlisted into the event as an accomplishment.

What I learned

We learned a lot of new technique and figured out ways to work together more efficiently when we are all in different place. We also learned that many people are ready to work hard day and night to win this event and bring their ideas into the real world application.

What's next for Flying warden – Drone for sanitization

Finish the UI so that the UI and be integrated with the government site for the officials to mark the areas that are infected.

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