Ever have problems saving money? So do we! Well, not exactly. But we thought of the many other college students out there who love going on spending sprees and can't manage to even keep a penny. With PigPal, whenever you spend money, you save money too. It's saving made simple.

What it does

After connecting your Capital One account, you can log in to our website application. From there, create a target goal ($100 for a road trip for example) and link an account (preferably your savings) for funds to go into. Now, every time you spend money using Capital One, the amount you pay will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and the extra charge will go straight to your savings. Once you hit your goal, feel free to splurge. Plan on taking a trip somewhere with your money? Fill out our form (which works using Amadeus' API) and search directly for the best flight to your destination. Feeling philanthropic instead? You can also directly donate your money to a charity of your choice straight from our site.

How we built it

The back-end was written in Javascript with node.js and express.js, with mongodb as the database for our account information from Capital One. The front-end was written entirely in HTML and CSS, mainly using Bootstrap. GitHub was there for source control, and we even drew our own Pigski the Pig in the style of the Cal Hacks-style of UC Berkeley's Oski the Bear!

Challenges we ran into

The name was quite difficult for us to come up with. We knew that we wanted something to do with pigs because of how iconic piggy banks are for saving money, so we tossed around names for over a full day. Our starting name for the project was "Flying Pig" as our project's initial target audience was those who were eager to travel. We tossed around silly names all throughout the hackathon, including "Keep-N-Change", "Banky Pig", "Small Increments of Currency to Achieve Goals", and "Piggy Promise" until we finally settled on PigPal.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Two of us had no prior experience with HTML or CSS, but were able to put together an clean and effective website in a single weekend after multiple iterations and plenty of frustration. We were able to hook up both the Capital One and Amadeus APIs for both transactions and flight notifications for goals related to traveling.

What we learned

It's hard to code with little sleep! Coming up with a name is tough, too. Soylent is not for everyone. Spicy yogurt is a real thing!

What's next for PigPal

If we had more time, we would have liked to integrate the Amadeus API more with the flight options, and flesh that entire aspect out more. After that, we were planning on adding social media functions so you can connect your Facebook account and share your goals publicly with your friends.

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