We made a service that allows you to report on various problems in places where there is no Internet, but there is cellular communication. (Maybe not everyone has smartphones at all, but there are regular push-button phones) A person calls by number - leaves his message (Something like he discovered poachers in a certain location and says information) The solution, by the way, is completely multilingual (a person can talk about his problem in any language We, in turn, translate the voice recording into text, analyze this text (understand its tone, identify the main categories of treatment (poaching, illegal logging, fire) -> thereby understanding to which authority it should be sent + we determine how urgent and important this appeal is . and we already display in the panel information about the application in which there is a map (approximate place where the application came from, voice recording, also its text accompaniment, main tags and categories of the application + tone and importance) And in turn, we can give the person through the administrative panel an answer in the form of a regular SMS. That is, we assume that this solution can be used in places where there is no Internet, but there is a connection. We use: 1) PHP 2) Google speech kit 3) Google translate api 4) Google neural api 5) Voximplant 6) Angular We learned how to use google neural network services Next is fly.

Built With

  • google-neural-api
  • google-speech-api
  • google-translate-api
  • voximplant
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