We are selfish human beings. Thus, when we realized how hard it was to come up with a good idea, we decided to make a program that would essentially get people to think for us :)

Our project combats the problem of thinkers' block, the state of not having any ideas (possibly for a hackathon). These people can browse through random ideas or problems people have come across, in hopes of finding inspiration. Conversely, when one has an idea "on the fly", they can submit it to the website, so it does not "fly away." Users can input random ideas, where it will be saved in our database. When they want to access it again, all they have to do is search for it under the category they submitted it under. If someone is stuck on coming up with an idea, they will be able to browse through these random words in the hopes of finding something that would inspire them. At first, we intented to make an app, but changed to a website since it is easier. We used Ruby to build the database and HTML and CSS for design. We built the database using sqlite and used Sinatra to combine HTML with Ruby. We had trouble. We were all pretty new to these programs, so we ran into a lot of problems and errors that we weren't sure how to fix. Needless to say, we were pretty happy for the program to have worked and looked nice. We were able to learn first-hand just how hard it can be to make simple commands such as "Search" and we hope to make it even better by adding more functions (such as allowing the user to choose between keeping the idea private or public).

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