All the members of our team face some common set of problems while flying such as having to pay for WiFi access, limited use of reward points/sky miles etc. We wanted to use the latest technologies like blockchain in our hack that would improve customer satisfaction and experience in flights. At the same time, we also wanted to build something which will be beneficial to the airline as well.

What it does

It improves the customer experience by providing them free wifi during the flight & flexible currency to be used in numerous ways. In return, airlines get the computational power of customers devices to build & maintain an ecosystem of crypto-currency. The cryptocurrency can be used for various use-cases like buying tickets, in-flight meals, transfer of credits etc. This helps airlines to attract more customers.

How I built it

We created our own token using solidity on Ethereum platform (Symbol: FC, Flycoin). We deployed it to our own node.js based blockchain server. We built an application on Ruby-on-Rails for handling the front-end queried and interfacing with the blockchain.

Challenges I ran into

Creating our own cryptocurrency without any prior background knowledge was the toughest challenge we faced. Specifically, performing the transactions within our own blockchain was challenging. Interfacing the back-end with the front-end was also a challenge as there was no clear documentation available online which could give us pointers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was our first hackathon so working in such an environment and producing our thought into an application is a proud feeling. Successfully developing our own cryptocurrency on top of Ethereum platform.

What I learned

Knowledge about how blockchain works, creating smart contracts in solidity.

What's next for FlyCoin: Blockchain in the sky

Developing tools so that the laptops of passengers could be used as a computing device by the airline industry. Integrating with airline companies

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