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FlyBy is a virtual reality application that integrates Oculus Rift and Leap Motion with an AR.Drone to create a virtual cockpit inspired by the AH-64 Apache for a user to operate the drone. Gone is the need for remote controllers and unintuitive buttons, as FlyBy allows the user to control the AR.Drone with natural movements of the head and hands. FlyBy makes operating AR.Drones easier and more fun for everyone, as it provides a completely intuitive control method—the learning curve is virtually nonexistent.

When using FlyBy, the user truly feels like he or she is in the cockpit of our built-from-scratch virtual Apache helicopter. Using Oculus’s VR capabilities, they see an extraordinarily detailed cockpit as well as a live video feed streamed from the onboard camera. In addition, to further enhance the user’s piloting experience, FlyBy incorporates Leap Motion and an Android app to track simple hand gestures to control the drone's altitude. Overall, Flyby is an elegant and intuitive control system for AR.Drones which will greatly enhance their ease of use and enjoyment.

The biggest question/critique we have had is simply a lack of belief that we actually pulled it off. We talked to 4 separate mentors at the event who did not believe that our methodology and implementation was possible and suggested that we find another way to achieve our goal. Despite that, we were not fazed, and left the event with a beautiful working product. Still don't believe us? Watch the video and look at the open-source code!

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