The user goes through a number of images rapid-fire style and decides if the picture is at all interesting to him/her. Then the user takes a quick personality approximation survey (validated in open scientific literature), and then the pictures are analyzed for any behavioral correlations. The user also sees the personality approximation at the end of the application. Total time taken should not exceed 2~3 minutes - the test is designed for speed more than anything else.

We wanted to design and implement something on the front-end with some quick and dirty (but awesome) back-end (Firebase). We decided to design a framework for testing psychometric tests, using the ten-item personality inventory as a quick and dirty estimation on correlated behaviors between people with similar personality traits in the Big Five (Openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and emotional stability / neuroticism).

Uses the imgur API to grab photos from imgur albums, designed to test if images are correlated to personality traits. This also reflects the forward-facing nature of this application, as many albums (thus, many correlation validation tests) can be conducted.

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