FlyBeacon is a solution that harnesses the power of BLE beacon technology to create a smarter travel experience.

At the airport, FlyBeacon provides the traveler with indoor wayfinding, and nearby promotional offers based on their proximity. This enhances the traveler’s overall experience by directing them to their gate (indoor GPS), informing them how much time they have (alleviating stress), security wait times, and also serving them promotional discounts and information based on their proximity to various areas, vendors, and products.

How is the mobile app and the beacon introduced to the traveler? Upon arrival at the check-in desk, the traveler is given an Airline-branded beacon. An additional beacon is attached to their luggage.

Most airlines, such as Emirates, strong promotion offering in their flagship city. Their inflight travel magazines are littered with discounts and promotions which are quickly forgotten. The app, and beacon, now in possession of the traveler, can be used redeem special offers.

As each passenger's luggage is also been tagged with a beacon, it possible for the traveler to receive a notification the exact moment their checked luggage enters the baggage claim, upon their arrival at their destination. It is also possible for the airport’s logistical team to be alerted if a piece of luggage falls off their one of their sorting belts or baggage carts (which will now be equipped with a sensor). A staggering 25 million checked bags go missing every year - our solution will drastically reduce this number, increase efficiency, and ensure customer confidence.

What is the extended value for the airline? With FlyBeacon, the partnering airline and/or airport will receive immense value through a wealth of captured data:

Behavior Analytics (@ Airport) Footpath Consumer Patterns

Purchasing Activity Consumer Promo Redemptions (@ Airport + City)

“Smart” Luggage Stats (@ Airport) Location Alerts Baggage Claim

Feedback Customer Satisfaction Data

This is our vision of the future of travel powered by beacon technology. We look forward to seeing how the travel industry embraces bluetooth beacons to revolutionize the travel experience!

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