Every time we travel and visit new places the time we get to spend there is finite. We do everything in our power to make sure that we enjoy every second of our vacation / travel experience. What was a way we could make sure our flights left and arrived on time so we can enjoy our travel experience to the fullest.

What it does

Allows you to input the location you wish to leave from it can be anything from you home address to the city you live in it then shows you all the airport closest to that location which you can then select, afterwards you need to pick the destination you wish to fly too in a similar fashion and choose your destination airport. Once you have selected the airports departure and destination locations, you can select your desired departure time and airline. Once all these criteria has been selected a list is generated of all the flights befitting, a category is created called Delay chance that informs the probability of delay that flight will experience and the delay interval of that time. Ranging from On Time, 30 min late, 30min-1hr, 1hr-2hrs, 2hrs-3hrs, and 3 hours and beyond. Using this tool hopefully you can get to your destination without any headaches and the most efficient way possible.

How I built it

We gathered data banks about flight information within the U.S. and narrowed it down to the fields required in order to build a machine learning model for the delay prediction. The model was based off of Random Forest. Once we had that we used Esri's JavaScript API's in order to build the web map and create the web layer of the airports.

Challenges I ran into

Sorting through all of the data, there was alot of good quality data Learning JavaScript API and implementing that with the ML model Importing the ML generated Excel sheet onto the page

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The Machine learning model The creation of the web map and capabilities The goal of the application and the execution of the product

What I learned

JavaScript API HTML5 CSS How to create a functioning ML model

What's next for Flyable

Implementing real time, weather, and air traffic data into our site. Include travel destination from chosen location to airport. Include a polly line on the map that generates a pop up

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