Traveling should be fun, not stressful. We created an all-in-one mobile web application to assist travelers from their journey's beginning, middle, and end. Airlines help us get from point A to point B, but the steps in the middle can sometimes be muddled. From getting to the correct gate on time, packing, making sure your luggage are the correct weight and sizes, there's a lot more involved in traveling than just flying. To help alleviate some of the stress airports can bring (short of bringing cute dogs that people can pet), our mobile web app remembers things that you won't have to. Additionally, it can be hard to find someone at the airport to help you, especially if you're in a rush. Our chatbot, Alex, can also answer your airport questions in a hot minute to help make the journey smoother for you. Alex will also text you before your departure time to remind you about your flight!

How/What we built it

React, NodeJS, Heroku, FB chatbot, MongoDB

Challenges we ran into

Chatbot - We tried various chatbots and eventually found a service through Google Cloud Platform called DialogFlow that uses Facebook Messenger. Facebook also requires approval of a chat bot. API - Heroku did not allow the use of mongoimport for the mock data from AA's mock engine, so we ended up dumping the local collections of the MongoDB into .bson files, and then used the MongoCLI command mongorestore to upload to the data into an mLabs database used with the Heroku app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We took a various amount of previous knowledge and flight experiences, collaborated with immediate friends on their travel experiences, and created a companion web page for improving the pre and post flight experience.

What we learned

We learned that defining requirements before helps increases team cohesiveness and keeps everyone on the same page.

What's next for Fly With Alex

We get integrated with American Airlines!

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