Our group wanted to create a fun text-oriented game that juxtaposed reality with ridiculousness. Our abundance of details within our code serves to provide a variety of computer generated responses. This variety, in turn, is meant to keep the user intrigued and interested in playing multiple times.

What it does

Basically, our game places the user's airplane in random life-or-death situations that depend on the wise decisions that the user opts to make. The culprits of these life-or-death situations are determined randomly by the program, and they range from normal issues such as weather conditions to strange conditions such as encountering space pirates! Also, there are fun and challenging trivia questions to make the game as educational as it is fun!!!

How I built it

We built this project in C++ using an array-like data structure storing many possible scenarios which would be chosen through pseudo-random number generation.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into many challenges of figuring out how to work pointers in C++, but we were able to solve them all! There was also a bug that caused overflow in the number of turns, but we were able to solve this as well.

What I learned

Using pointers in C++ can often solve many problems. In addition, cooperation between people of differing strengths can be quite helpful; that can lead to a variety of ideas on both the actual product and the implementation of that product.

What's next for Fly or Die!

We could possibly add additional scenarios. In addition, we were also thinking over adding additional questions pertaining to an aerospace curriculum to help promote learning and education. Lastly, graphics may be added to give a better look to the game instead of its current text-based interface.

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