1. We went to the Children's Health workshop and were moved by the efforts being made to improve the experience for children. As a result, we have decided to do what we can to assist them in improving their situation and bringing a smile to our children's faces. ## What it does
  2. The software will be built on a game that will help children become more aware of their diagnoses and enjoy their visits rather than being terrified or concerned. ## How we built it
  3. We intend to code it in Python and SQL, and it will be compatible with both iOS and Android. ## Challenges we ran into
  4. None of us are actual programmers so we did end up not programming it. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  5. We came in to study, not to compete, yet we nevertheless came up with a plan. We worked hard to create something rather than not taking part at all. ## What we learned
  6. We understood how difficult it is to come up with a concept, let alone design and implement one. When the app is out there in the market, it may appear to be simple and enjoyable, but the entire process of development is a major undertaking that one may not appreciate unless they are the one working on it. ## What's next for Fly High
  7. We've already stated that we're not very good at coding. We intend to improve the concept by developing a business model and strategy that can be applied over time rather than a code.
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