One of our team members who flew was describing the difficulty in finding a cheap price, and how much time it took. Due to the IoT revolution, devices are more interconnected than ever, but why is such a simple task still such a pain? It doesn't have to be with Fly Fare!

You can get Fair Flights Faster with Fly Fare!

What it does

FlyFare is a convenient way to book tickets without the hassle that traditional methods bring. It's as easy as telling your good friend, Alexa where you want to go and when. She does all the work!

How we built it

Leveraging Alexa, Fly Fare utilizes voice commands to search for and book the most affordable flights. Additionally it learns the preferences of the users and suggests dates when travel would be optimal using the Predictive Analytics Engine of Google Cloud.

Challenges we ran into

  • Properly integrating the web scraping abilities
  • Voice command differentiation between common phrasing
  • Since we hadn't worked with each other before and didn't talk to each other before meeting, understanding how each of us could contribute was initially difficult

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building something using tools which were completely new to us to add value to people's lives
  • Efficiently dividing tasks to maximize the output given the little time

What's next for Fly Fare

  • Directly making transactions through Alexa
  • Introducing more sophisticated ML models to better understand when consumers will book flights and when tickets are the cheapest
  • Adding more search features (two-way trips, international, number of flyers)
  • Expanding the sites from which FlyFare searches/sorts from

Fair Flights Faster with Fly Fare!

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