Everyone owns a mobile phone. its a personal space for entertainment. With the Introduction of Virtual Reality now Low cost air lines can afford to provide the service to customers. Everyone deserves to fly with comfort even with low cost airlines. VR devices are cheaper compared to inflight touchscreen systems.

What it does

It provides and Immersive experience for the user. With Fly Dream, users can catch up on movies, play games, have a bird eye view of the destination with flight information and even get to discover more about their destination from recommendation by travel agents or airline.

How I built it

I leveraged on Unity platform and knowledge of programming.

Challenges I ran into

It was rather my first time using the Unity Platform. User experience was the most challenge. and how to fetch data from Sabre API using Unity.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Built a VR prototype using an awesome game engine. Being part of a travel hack. it has shown me lots of dots that I hope to connect in the future.

What I learned

Unity Sabre SDK has so much to offer and can leverage it on Discovery section of Fly Dream.

What's next for Fly Dream - Inflight Vr Entertainment System

Having a fully working prototype to pitch to major airlines low cost like Air Asia.

Built With

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