Flux is the future of pathfinding augmented reality technology. We have found the perfect mix of mobile, interaction, and immersion. Flux is an augmented reality experience that will take you to new places or old. The Inspiration behind flux comes from the outdated 2D mapping technologies that dominate our daily lives, Google Maps is now a thing of the past. First there was the wheel, then the horse and carriage, the car, and even the plane. Now we have Flux. Flux takes you from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. You won't be staring at your phone disconnected from the world, Flux brings the real world on your adventures with you. We built Flux from the ground up with Unity and the Vuforia toolkit. Our developers worked for 36 hours straight delivering the essential minimum viable product required to tell our compelling story. We ran into many challenges along the way. Most of the Flux development team have never seen or used Unity before HackXR 2018, and now we can boast the future in pathfinding. We're proud that we were able to build this experience for the world to enjoy. Flux is not a novelty. Flux can and will be the future of emergency response, and casual outings alike. We learned how to code in new ways, how to interact with the Unity game engine, and made new friends along the way. The future of Flux is for the world to enjoy. No longer will you be late to an appointment to the doctors, and you will never have to go at it alone. Flux is for you to enjoy with your friends, family, or even stranger's you meet every day, we've built a multi-player experience for you to travel with your friends, whether your out for a night out on the town, or a night to Netlix and chill and you just need to find your way to the fridge. The future is Flux.

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