The inspiration behind flutter_gitgraph was to help flutter developers to viualise the Git workflow(Git Graphs) in native Flutter and originally insipired by gitgraph.js.

What it does

A Flutter library to easily visualize shiny Git Graphs.

How we built it

This project was entirely build using vanilla Flutter.

Challenges we ran into

Here are some of the challenges that the team ran into while building the project:

  • Most of the team members were new to Flutter.
  • Collaboration due to different time-zones and university examinations
  • Deciding the core architecture.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Most of the team members were new to Flutter, yet we worked together to build the project.

What we learned

  • Learned about CustomPainter in Flutter
  • Collaborating in a team and project management using Project Boards was one of the biggest takeaways from this hackathon.

What's next for flutter_gitgraph

  • Make the library more robust
  • Include more styling & theming options
  • Add more tests to provide more coverage

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