NeighbourFood App:

1) Idea of food-delivery-pooling - A user can order food from a hawker centre - Other users who are near this user can see his order details (Hawker Centre, Delivery time, etc) - If there users like to order from that hawker centre as well, if they agree with the delivery time and place, they can simply click into it and add on to the order.

2) Food merchants are able to receive orders in bulk - Able to prepare meals in bulk = save time and costs - Lesser delivery trips needed = can make delivery by themselves

3) With more orders, hawkers can provide bulk discounts to the consumers - With reduced unit cost per meal and reduced reliance on 3rd party delivery platforms, merchants can save a lot. - Hence, merchants can transfer a portion of the savings to users by setting up bulk discount offers on our app. - More orders = higher discounted rate - Discounts will incentivise consumers to add on to bulk orders - Both consumers and merchants benefit

Aim of NeighbourFood: The main goal was to reduce queues at hawker centres, which would be achieved since this app will reduce the need for 3rd party delivery riders and reduce the need for people to make their own trips to hawker centres. In addition, bulk purchase makes it possible for island-wide delivery as it would be still be profitable.

As compared to current 3rd party delivery apps, NeighbourFood is a friendly neighbourhood app designed to help merchants save costs during these trying times, while making it convenient for consumers to order from hawker centres online. In doing so, we also effectively reduced the need for physical queues.

Code in Flutter: Pertaining to the code, it is undone as I have just started learning Flutter. However, I have done up a prototype on Figma with as much detail as I could overnight. The video was abit rushed, but I do hope you would be able to understand how NeighbourFood works.

Prototype in Figma: Please do access this link below, and look for the play button icon in Figma to play around with the prototype!

Built With

  • dart
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