At first we would like to create a cross platform app for children who love to drawing

What it does

Basically, the app try to link all devices, iphone or android (we code in dart language) to 1 virtual touch screen. monitor where all drawing can be seen and edit by everyone who joined the room

How I built it

  1. Fast learn about Dart language 90% of the teammate are new to flutter and Dart language
  2. Browsing current supported api for the project
  3. Found and added a cool drawing tools to the project ## Challenges I ran into The team cannot figure out how to pair equal or more than two device. Back-end programming is very difficult for all of the team members Still no process to implement ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of Find out how to bring out double type of coordinated of stroke line to use effectively Need more effort on linking data from coordinated with value in Firestore website.

What I learned

Very new language Dart, very fast and maybe easy to learn language Go through a lot of tutorial but cannot find useful back-end programming Firestore is hard to understand and hard to implement successful for newbies

What's next for flutter_app

Try to finish what the team had started and moved the app to next level The team may create new pong game which two players paired with each other via bluetooth services, or wifi or localhost.

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