How a Swiss Web Application Fights the Corona Virus

SWITZERLAND, March 21st, 2020 – The Swiss company Noson AG in collaboration with DigitalMove Consultants GmbH created a web application to fight the global Corona virus outbreak. This was an important step, because the outbreak seems to not have any effect on the behavior of the general population. Many people underestimate the situation because they cannot visualize situation as a whole. As a result, many people enjoy the nice weather outside with friends and acquaintances. Governments all across the globe are not satisfied with this situation – especially as they have advised their citizens to avoid personal contacts, keep safe distance to each other and apply basic hygiene rules as much as possible. This is especially important for senior citizens as they the age bracket with the highest risk in our society. That advice is being followed only sparsely.

Saso Nikolov and Karl Kieser developed the web application Its main purpose is to educate and sensitize the population with that topic. The anonymity of the flu infected is ensured at all times. No personally identifiable data is being recorded. The application can be used worldwide and brings the following features: • Realtime notification of infected people nearby • 100% anonymous • 100% Swiss made • No registration required • No storage of personal data • Videos with instructions on hygiene and safety practices

Fluradar intention: People can send their state of health on a voluntary basis, which is anonymously visible to everyone. In addition, interesting contact points are shown on the map (hospitals, pharmacies ...)

The virus is spreading and can only be stopped if we work together! In times of humanitarian crisis, Noson AG & DigitalMove Consultants GmbH releases all available resources and knowledge to protect the global community and preserve valuable data to predict the development of the crisis.

Analysis of outbreaks: The data from affected persons is needed to predict new clusters that will emerge. This helps to take measures to prevent the expansion.

About Noson AG: NOSON is a Swiss startup that develops ergonomic high quality nasal dilators to help sportsmen improve their performance as well as treat patients with respiratory issues. For more information on Noson, please refer to:

About DigitalMove Consultants GmbH: DigitalMove Consultants is a Swiss company that creates web applications for marketing purposes as well as for complex business solutions. Especially for digital transformation, process oriented solutions and web based applications are being created by DigitalMove. For more information, please refer to:

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