We wanted to create an app that built the perfect playlist, where you could plug in specifications and the generator would build exactly what you wanted to hear at that moment.

What it does

Flür creates a new playlist using data from a database that we created off of all songs with a "genre" field from the Spotify API. It creates a randomized list based off the parameters that the user chooses and is able to play it in the browser with Spotify by pulling the ID of the song from the database.

How we built it

We used MySQL for the database, Flask for the web template, and html/css with jinja templating to design the website itself. We used the Spotify API and the Spotipy Python library to gather data for the database and to make the player functional.

Challenges we ran into

We found it a large challenge to find a way to accurately gather the data from spotify and to gather enough data from Spotify that had a "genre" field. This took the most time and was the feature we needed most for the project to work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The fact that we were able to pull so much data from Spotify to use and were able to put this to use in a functional player with a randomized playlist is what we're most proud of, because this is very close to our original dream and we were able to pull it off in 36 hours and were able to add some more features. We were also able to use SQL to find more ways of sorting and gathering the data.

What we learned

All of our team learned how to use SQL commands and use them in python code, and collectively we learned how to effectively use a database, how to use Flask web templating, and how to use the Spotify API.

What's next for Flür

We would love to find a way to sort music by intensity in the future, so that songs were rated by intensity of the beginning, middle, and end of the piece so that the flow of the playlist was fine-tuned. Though we tried to incorporated this into our project at first, we found out that many leaders in the music industry still struggle with this and it is something that we are excited to help with to progress the music tech industry further.

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