We thought it was quite frustrating being at the airport and not being sure how to get to the gate or terminal and how much time left for departure. Also we inspired on a recent talk we attended on UK droidcon.

What it does

FlugAR makes the in-airport experience more enjoyable by providing the booking information, notifications if check-in was made or any change in the flight, a counter that helps the user know how much time left for the departure, a list of services inside the airport such as restaurants. coffee, etc., as well as navigation with both traditional 2D maps as well as Augmented Reality to provide the user a less painful experience finding the departure gate.

How we built it

We integrated several technologies: first we used google-maps to get the coordenates, the route for the destination (in this case airport terminal or gate), and then launched to the AR. Once there, we do a request on the apix (air berlin labs) to get the departure time of the flight and show that on the timer. We used the get_booking method as well to get other general info.

Challenges we ran into

GPS not being as accurate as we'd like for the AR use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Merging the AR with the airberlin info.

What's next for FlugAR

Create better routes and navigation implementing indoor positioning and later on setting the origin and destination by default using a flight gate api.And of course, taking this technology to smart glasses.

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