Challenged by Nokia, we thought about how can we add more value to smart light poles or other devices in a smart city, like bus stops.

What it does

The smart light poles are tracking the pets, who are equipped with small, passive, long-range RFID chips. The tracked information is sent to the database, which is accessed by the app Fluffy Founder. Pet owners can track their pets and alert them missing. The app is visualizing the information by a map and helps to find lost pets quicker and easier.

How we built it

Red bull, coffee and Finish candies. Have a look in our image gallery to get deeper insight in our technology stack

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenge was the technical set up, especially to configure the RFID system. As well to gather ideas applying to the challenges took us a long time, basically the whole first day.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • that everything works and that all the components, frontend, database and chip are connect.
  • that we developed a MVP prototype in one day

What we learned

  • that we can make great stuff happen in short time, even with an unpredictable challenge

What's next for Fluffy Hounder

Fluffy Hounder could be expanded to rescue abounded dogs and to take care street dogs, when every dog gets a transplanted microchip with its id tag.

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