Language learning has been a frustration for every member of our team at some point in time. Although many resources exist that promise language fluency, nothing beats speaking with a conversational partner. Language learning apps such as Duolingo and Babbel are more tailored towards beginners and do not benefit intermediate and advanced level speakers since they demand a more vocal approach to learning. Having an on demand digital language tutor can greatly make learning easier and more convenient. It will also be cost efficient since it will replace hiring a private tutor which can be very expensive.

Therefore, we decided to create an app that would simulate the experience of speaking with a private language tutor. Some people want to learn a new language or want to improve their skills in vocabulary and grammar, so they try to talk to people in real life or they use different apps that help them connect with people who are fluent in their languages. The thing is, some people can feel bad when others correct them, especially when it happens a lot, so we thought about how the machine can can help them learn new languages and improve their skills without feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

What it does

Fluently is an app that lets you practice your speaking at your own convenience. It listens to you speak and corrects your grammar as you go. It also provides definitions whenever you get stuck. It is designed for intermediate and advanced language learners and focuses heavily on speaking skills.

How we built it

Fluently is a web application built using Javascript. It uses node and express for backend, Microsoft Azure for hosting nd database, Express.JS as frontend, Yandex API for speech to text, Perfecttense API for grammar check, and Google Cloud API for text to speech.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges were to implement the different APIs in the right way so we could have a well streamlined process that can start with the user speaking and end up with correcting his grammar.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud that we could work together and get a functional product that can help people practice their language speaking skills and learn new words.

What we learned

How to use Microsoft Azure and combining different APIs in order to have a good functioning product.

What's next for Fluently

Adding more languages and more functionalities like saving new words when a mistake is made and reminding the user when and how to say them.

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