Flu Tracker is designed with information from the CDC in order to promote consumer influenza education. A map feature shows weekly state by state influenza activity in the US. Use the slider to get to a date range and then the buttons on the top of the screen to move week by week. You can see influenza activity spread throughout the US over the course of an influenza season and then retreat near the end. Data is dynamically obtained from the CDC site. Additional features are a live RSS Influenza newsfeed, information about flu season, symptoms, and high risk groups. Additional topics include 'When is Flu season?' and 'Flu Complications'. Finally the CDC Handwashing song lyrics are included. Images from the 'Flu stops with You' campaign are placed throughout the app to add visual interest. Now available for free on iTunes for ipod touch/iphone! Download instructions: Click the button below to see app on itunes.apple.com Then click the 'View in iTunes' button on the left of the page Finally connect ipod touch, iphone, or ipad to computer and download for free.

Alternatively app can be downloaded directly to device through 'App Store' by searching for 'Flu Tracker'

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