Flu - One Stop Source (Web site)GoalOur goal for this project is to create a website to educate and provide upto date information about Flu (i.e. general info, statistics, prevention, treatment, latest news, etc.) to general public.The site is carefully designed to achieve the following aspects: intuitive, simple, and easy to use. information is presented clearly and accurately. visually compelling for educational purposes. The content is grouped and presented in multiple and meaningful sections as follows:

About : Provides general information about flu, local resources, etc.

Alerts : Contains latest charts, maps, activity indicators of flu, etc.

Prevent: Provides information about prevention, good health habits, vaccination, flu vaccine finder, etc.

Treat : Consits information about diagnosis, treatment of flu, etc.

Media : Provides latest news, updates, (RSS feeds) about flu, etc. Note: This web site is designed to be used via computer's web browser. The site in its current form is not suitable/intended for mobile phone browsers.

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