Flowers By Irene (FBI) is a first-person stealth game. But the player does not directly control the spy sneaking his way past guards, but the player is Todd, the IT hacker who has hacked into all the cameras and doors in the target facility. As Todd, you are sitting in the control van in front of an array of 3 monitors showing a map of the facility, a security camera view of the room the spy is in, and a body camera view from the spy.


As Todd, you can send commands to halt or advance the spy through the room by aiming the cross hairs at the green or red button with the headset and tapping the touch pad on the right side of the GearVR.

Known Issues

In this build, unfortunately, the navmesh for the A.I. does not work outside of the editor. If anyone knows how to fix this issue, we will appreciate constructive feedback.

Built With

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