What we have created?

Fully Working Web Application(Check Link below) + Figma Mobile Application Prototype


It felt beautiful when I received a bunch of flowers from a local friend who I had lost touch with i was filled with immense gratitude I realised it's a great idea to remember someone and make their day with a bunch of flowers, especially when we live so close in the same local community but are so busy in our own worlds. Hence this application helps in connecting Locals by making the spreading of love and gratitude through flowers more accessible and customized.

What it does

The application is developed for digitalizing acts of gratitude and love by sending customized flowers locally to make someone's day. Where you can buy from anywhere, send anywhere, pay online, and get a delivery system as well. This is to replace the current paperwork for the shop, then add a proper delivery system, and allow the sender all the choices and help with a single click. There will be a digital system to buy a bouquet, then add delivery or takeaway option to choose between, and pay online easily with many types of discounts. The digital system focuses on managing customer and their personal information, records, project schedule, project library, photo/video gallery, and account section. The system can also generate good reports, charts, and graph which can be a great way to get insightful information from the data of the user. This reduces the time of retrieving any data dramatically. System use database management system and mobile notification system rapidly to make the system of buying, sending the item and paying for the item is made easy.

How we built it

The software is created such that it can interact with other software for the delivery system, other than that the software works alone, without the support of a third-party system or API. The software uses a NoSQL database with a NodeJS server as it is back-end. There may be a regular need to maintain the server from time to time for the NoSQL server as it is hard to have a no-object database. While the maintenance may be a load, the software has a backup and restoration property which allow the software to be always safe. So once the software is fully functional there is no need for high-level software support.

Challenges we ran into

Completing the entire project in the scope of the hackathon was a huge challenge since it has so many features and we wanted to make it perfect. However, we managed to use our skills well to optimize our work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The fact that we could complete the entire project and could spare some time to create a mobile application as well

What we learned

We learned each other's skills, each of us work on very different technologies, debugging code in NodeJs while my main stack is python and tinkering with the fronted while my team-mate is a JS expert was the harderst but the most fun part. Sipping coffee late at night working together to spot bugs while optimising our skills to finish in time has been a great learning experience

What's next

We wish to come up with an mobile application and launch this project in our city

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