Inspiration: Inspiring exposure to coding during early childhood development

What it does: It allows users to explore concepts like exponential growth, functional relations and causal relationship through simple steps like choosing a color and selecting a number by which the petals of a flower multiply.

How I built it: With help from generous and knowledgeable mentors at the Hackathon. Our team can't take much credit for the actual building, as we are beginners, with this being our first Hackathon for 2 of our 3 members. We can claim the idea, some of the input in terms of coding and a lot of learning, but we could not have built this app on our own, without the instructive and inspiring effort of our mentors, Prof. Long, Hoan Nguyen, and Pierre.

Challenges I ran into: We initially wanted to be able to fill the petals with the different color options displayed in our app and also have a color palette available, but due to our lack of technical skill and knowledge, and in the interest of delivering a finished functional product on time, we decided to simplify our original idea and include our plans to further develop the app below. None of us knew how to create an app in Android prior to this event, but I certainly feel much better equipped now to continue working on it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Understanding different aspects of how code affects the behavior of an app, and the logic behind certain code lines and java script. Being able to come out of my first Hackathon experience with a finished project.

What I learned: I came out of this experience with a much better sense of how I need to interact with and relate to the different technologies that facilitate my everyday life and communication. Observing experienced and dedicated developers and programmers at work also helped me get a better understanding of how a programming language works and how to manipulate its variables.It was a wonderful introductory experience that leaves me thirsty for more like it.

What's next for Flower: We intend to develop the app to actually fill the petals with color from a color palette we will use to replace the current colored buttons. We are also exploring the possibility of using different patterns that can capture the attention and interest of young children interacting with technology.

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