GT Horizons challenged us to tell a story. We wanted to develop a tailored, user-driven experience at the intersection of video games, art, and music.

What it does

Our experience is user-driven. Instead of building a linear story, we empower the user to decide how to proceed on their journey. Each decision influences the musical progression, so the story develops holistically as a direct result of the user's choices.

How we built it

Flow was built by a team of five at GT Horizons. We used our brains to develop the idea, Unity to create the experience, Blender to develop low-poly artwork with a consistent style, and C# for scripting. We also used GarageBand on an iPhone to create the music.

Challenges we ran into

The iPhone that was used to create the music deleted the entire project file with a few hours to spare, so we were forced to restart on the musical side. Rigid body boundaries stopped functioning for some unknown reason. Eventually it was discovered that they turned off. All of us were using Unity for the first time, and a majority of us were using Blender for the first time. We ran down to the wire time-wise and were fixing bugs up until our demonstration.


We worked really well as a team. Our skills complemented each other nicely, and it was a really enjoyable experience. We also learned a lot about basic game development, interfacing different art forms, and combining computer science and art. We were proud to have completed a task that beforehand we doubted would even be possible in the time limit.

What I learned

We learned Unity and C# (nobody on the team had experience with either). We also gained a lot of experience with developing projects.

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