Imagine the future of work, not too far from today, where mixed reality tech (MR) is highly integrated into our everyday workflow and lives. Every workplace app is available to anyone right through their MR headset. Productivity is at its all time high, but so is burnout and boredom. Employees can't seem to find their flow while they are working because employers can't seem figure out the most important ingredient - to fuse everyday wellbeing into work.

Fact is over 77% of employees said they are either burned out or they are bored, resulting in a $500B loss in terms of wasted efforts. Burnout is a major problem today, and it will continue to be a major theme into the future unless we recognize the need to infuse wellness into work.

What it does

With FLOW, knowledge workers can use their own brain data and have curated wellness experiences generated and delivered to their MR headset on the fly. We sense the users brain states and automatically start creating subtle nudges within the users' MR headset to cue different interactive audio-visual experiences that either relax you to down-regulate one's stress or activate attention to up-regulate one's focus. If you're able to maintain your optimal state, FLOW will continue to learn and identify how to keep you there.

How we built it

By combining an EEG band (muse), Arctop SDK integrated with Microsoft Hololens & MRTK, we first integrated Neuos SDK into our own Android app. We then spun our own Android server. By connecting and sending http request to the server, we were able to transmit the brain-data to Hololens.

We then imported open source 3D assets into unity and and created multiple interactive experiences such as breathwork routines and attention activation routines that gently nudge the user to take micro breaks within their MR work streams - before they reach the thresholds for burnout.

Challenges we ran into

(1) getting the Arctop Neuos SDK to function (2) calibration of the muse band took some time (3) getting different tech to talk to each other (lack of integration) (4) optimize interactions and performance in Hololens (5) steep learning curve with Arctop Neous and Hololens w/ MRTK

Accomplishments that we're proud of

(1) integrating Arctop API with unity (2) built an infrastructure that provided us to customize experiences based on brain-data (3) being able to use what we had to prevent our own burnout

What we learned

(1) how to leverage individual strengths and work as a team (2) to build on an MR headset using MRTK (3) to get help when needed

What's next for Flow - An AR + Brain Tracking Burnout Prevention App

(1) figure out true integration of EEG into HoloLens (2) continue adding more curated experiences (3) better brainwave sensing

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