My main inspiration for this project was my own way of zoning out to develop and come up wth new ideas, which is an experience we're trying to simulate in a fully Virtual Reality

What it does

   Creates a virtual workflow with ideas contributed by your teammates, which swirl around in the empty space with you, letting you think of ways they could be better or how they could link

How I built it

  I utilized Unreal Engine. Mostly blueprint programming.

Challenges I ran into

 Uploading to VR, creating a nice, empty environment and filling it with ideas

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  It should work!

What I learned

  I learned some more about using Unreal in a way other than videogames, which is definitely an interesting experience

What's next for Flow: Make the next Big Thing

   - Editability (Being able to feed inputs to the VR remotely, hopefully even live while someone uses it!)
   -Being able to move ideas around to your liking, no need to rely on the preset patterns! (may or may not be a good idea to migrate to Vive)
   -Support for more structured diagrams and ability to re-structure and re-evaluate them
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