We realized as college students that half the battle during our education is learning how to use our timely. While the internet has been great with helping us find all the knowledge we need to learn a subject, it's also filled with distractions that keep us from actually utilizing that knowledge. This is why we created an extension that holds us accountable for our procrastination.

What it does

Before starting a homework assignment (a research paper about volcanoes for example), we'd click on the Flow icon in Chrome, type in the research topic we have to work on (volcanoes), and then click Start Flow. From this point on, the extension runs a acquires synonymous words and relevant topics for "volcanoes" and comparing the words with the ones found on all the webpages visited from the time we Start Flow to the time we click End Flow. If the percentage of words found on the page that are equal to the words acquired from our topic is low, it means we are not on a productive part of the web and we are notified to get back on track.The comparison between the words and the time spent gives us a data visualization of our productivity over the period of time we were on the web.

How I built it

We used Google's Chrome extension documentation in javascript for the back end. The front end uses html, css, and javascript.

Challenges I ran into

It was challenging trying to get the Flow extension to continue comparing words when a new tab opens so that one wouldn't have to restart the extension any time a new url was visited.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was our first time doing a web application like this and building a Chrome extension. It went so well, that it encourages us to make other Chrome extensions to tailor our web browsing needs.

What I learned

Lots of javascript.

What's next for Flow

With what can be gathered in this extension, we can begin to implement a series of rewards for good productivity and penalties for poor productivity. If productivity reaches a certain low point, it will notify you locally reminding you to get back on task. We have begun looking into implementing monetary incentives. For example, if it is linked to your bank account, once your productivity has been low for too long, a dollar will be transferred from your account into a charity.

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