Flow helps teams to simplify their daily work activities, creating a friendly and easy to use checklist to follow the progress of the story at anytime, it will allow them to create a independent checklist for each Status/Board Column. Flow allows teams to easily extend functionality to adjust to different team needs. WebHooks, Notifications and Workflow Validation are in the roadmap.

Main problem that FLOW solves:

  • Easy way to understand the progress of an issue quickly
  • Each team/ project is unique and have different way to track progress.
  • Misinterpretation of a plan text issue description

What it does

Using Checklist help the team to understand and follow the progress of an Issue.

How I built it

I used ForgeUI and ForgeAPI, with itergation with JIRA and StoreAPI

Challenges I ran into

Not much really the documentation is really good.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Of building an app that Looks & Feels as JIRA and add so much value is easy to extend.

What I learned

A lot about the Atlassian Platform not only as an end user as before.

What's next for FLOW For Jira

I will add webhooks for external integrations, Workflow validations, Approvers and Actions

Built With

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