While is growing a large customer base every day, new and even long-term users lack knowledge on how to efficiently and quickly set up or translate their workflows and core business functions into the platform, thus increasing the number of static boards and accounts. The 'Flow' Series of Applications was born to close the gap by strengthening the offering to easily create and manage automated workflows and solutions for any team with just a few clicks. The Flow for Sales Teams application that is submitted here is the first of this series.

Pain Points

Research within our customer base shows that a majority of users;

• lack knowledge on best practices even after constant use.

• lack advanced knowledge to translate the existing or to change CRM workflows most efficiently onto the boards.

• find it difficult to adapt quickly to a change in the workflow and reflect it on the platform.

• find it difficult to onboard a new team member to the same page from day one.

• spend more time entering data into the CRM.

'Flow' for Sales Teams

According to a recent article published by McKinsey & Co., COVID-19 has caused almost 90 per cent of sales to move to a videoconferencing(VC) / phone/ web sales model. Our study and experience show that is close enough to become a prime challenger in this market to bridge this gap. The 'Flow’ for Sales Teams aims to empower users with a guided, easy-to-navigate, powerful and robust CRM solution.

What it does?

• Generate an end-to-end CRM Solution framework - (In total; 7 Integrated and Automated Boards + 1 Connected Dashboard, 1 Configure View & 1 Sales Rep View) at a click.

• Provides an aerial view of the workflow in Deal Stages, keeping everyone on the same page.

• Give more visibility to team leaders to take control and manage the workflows without any extensive training.

• A dedicated view for Sales Reps to enter data and visualise the deals in the deals pipeline quicker, saving time.

• The app guides the team to build every step of the opportunity pipeline.

How it works?

The 'Control Panel - CRM' Board

Step 1: Install the app into the account.

Step 2: Create a Folder and rename it to CRM in the Main Workspace.

Step 3: Create a New Board and rename it to Control Panel - CRM and modify the columns as viewed here link. The board acts as a document control of the workflow.

Step 4: Install the app, 'Flow for Sales Team' in the board view.

Step 5: Click on 'Import All' to generate.

Step 6: Move all the Boards and Dashboard under the ‘CRM’ Folder

Seven Integrated and Automated Boards

• Opportunity Register link: Tracks the progress of the opportunities through the deal stage pipeline grouped by quarters

• Risk Register link: Stores the risk associated with the business against an Opportunity, and is linked to the Opportunity Board.

• Company Directory link: Stores the information related to the company against an Opportunity, and is linked to the Opportunity Board.

• Company Contacts link: Stores the information related to the decision-makers against an Opportunity, and is linked to the Opportunity Board.

• Sales Action link: Stores the information related to the actions that need to be tracked against an Opportunity, and is linked to the Opportunity Board.

• Product/Service Lookup Table link: Stores the information related to the products that need to be tracked against an Opportunity, and is linked to the Opportunity Board.

• Competitors link: Stores the information related to the competitors that need to be tracked against an Opportunity, and is linked to the Opportunity Board.

One Connected Dashboard

Example Widgets:

• Opportunity by Deal Stages (Battery Widget)

• Total Deal Value by Months (Graph)

• Total Deal Value by Products (Graph)

• Close Date Distribution by Months and Deal Stages (Graph)

• Opportunity Pipeline in Values (Number Widget)

• Board Updates

One Configure View: For Configuring the Workflow

• A list of validated checkpoints between deal stages is auto-created to form a CRM Framework. The sales team is then collectively responsible for configuring the workflow (or the checkpoints) between each deal stage in an aerial view based on the current pattern.

• This view can be maintained as the live document to refer back for further improvements into the workflow or to train any new sales reps efficiently as they join the team.

One Sales Rep View: Unique View For Sales Reps

Once the deal stages are configured, the Sales Reps can use the Sales Rep View at the operations level to manage the flow of opportunities. The Sales Rep view solely focuses on having a unique view for Sales Reps to speed up the process of entering and accessing data.

Please send a request to to receive an invite into the actual boards and dashboards.

Challenges we ran into:

We came across many new challenges during this journey, as it was also our first attempt on building an APP on the APP frameworks since being a partner consultant. Most challenges are around technology as the current limitations do not produce the deliverables as expected. For this reason, we have settled to release an MVP for alpha/beta-testing, subject to further improvements based on the feedback.

Some of the other hurdles are listed below:

For GraphQL / API

• How to create dropdown options, In case we make a column that allows values from the dropdown selection?

• How to update columns? i.e. Update the name or update data type or update description etc.

• How to get the description of the column? We do not have any parameter on the API to Query description.

• How to delete the column using API?

• How to set the colour for the board/group using API?

• How to share data between two boards using a single view through local storage on

For WebHook

• Is there any webhook which will update the changes in column property?

• Is there any webhook which will update for the delete column from the board?

3rd Party data storage

• Can we store some values in our internal / 3rd party database?

Note: We are eagerly looking forward to the support from the team to help us to test, fix bugs and errors.

Accomplishments that we are proud of:

Just in the last 40 days, we have been able to;

• Go through a tremendous experience that boosted our team's confidence.

• Produce an exciting and unexpected commercial video for the 'Flow' App for Sales Team link.

• Welcome two additional members to our team exclusively to build new solutions for our clients using APP Framework.

• Experience first-hand with the APP framework, in different settings, strengthening our knowledge around the platform.

• Strengthen our relationships within the team and community.

• Organically create pathways to attract new business opportunities.

What we learned?

Though the APPs framework is in its beta version, we envision that providing more flexibility to developers will further expand the possibilities of the WorkOS to fit any team's workflow and needs.

What's next for Flow?

Short-Term (6 months)

• Fix Challenges stated above.

• Internal Quality Testing.

• Alpha/Beta Testing to improve the UI/UX, features and functionalities of the Flow App.

• Automation and Integration setup.

• Dashboard Setup and Import.

• A Sales Document Board to include call scripts and other sales-related documents.

Medium-Term (1 Year to 1.5 Years)

• Extend the ease of building workflows for Project Management and Marketing Teams

Long-Term (2 Year to 3 Years)

• Extend the ease of building workflows for any Team.

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