"FLOW - A Space Drum Saga" is a unique, challenging and intriguing rhythm game full of lights, colors and music.

Galactic Hero Play the Space Drum to liberate the people of the Ecstatica System from the evil machines who enslaved them in the name of profit.

Music and rhythm against cold, harsh machines. Learn hundreds of rhythms and enjoy the scenery while nodding your head to the stirring sound you create.

Educational And Fun Besides dumping gallons of dopamine, playing this game can enhance your coordination and concentration and help you to learn real drums.

Headphones Rule! FLOW strongly depends on it's soundtrack. It will be at least twice as cool if you play with headphones, and a better sound will help you to keep the FLOW.

Unless you're a drummer or really talented, it might take a few minutes to figure out how to play. This is simply because your left and right hemispheres need a little time to learn to coordinate the rhythmic movements of your thumbs or fingers, just like with real drums. However, when caught by the FLOW, you will transform into an unstoppable drum machine and play the best game of your life! So don't give up too early.

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