External classes uses: JSONMODEL AFNetworking



  • This is the protocol, that has to be implemented by the below UIView Class on Response TransitData
  • This class is a Singleton Data manager that will manage the Data for the query

JSONModel Classes - RouteModel [Implements RouteJSON model for response from "findRoutesByStopName"] - StopModel [Implements RouteJSON model for response from "findStopsByRouteId"] - DeparturesModel [Implements RouteJSON model for response from "findDeparturesByRouteId"]


  • This screen has the "Search" bar that can be used to search a street name
  • There is a "Test" button to search some hardcoded street name
  • There is Map button to navigate to the MapView


  • This View has 4 UI tables, all using same view as a TableView Delegate
  • The TOP table, displays the list of stops in the given route
  • The bottom three tables, sort he times based on the WeekDay/SAT/SUN


  • Using the “MapKit” from Apple, the default
  • Not implemented yet, have a placeholder map image

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