Wanted to build a quadcopter

What it does

it SHOULD be able to self hover, pitch, and yaw. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and it's still very buggy / unsafe to present

How we built it

We used the raspberry pi to act as the gui to control the quadcopter. On the pi, there is a PWM shield that transmits pwm signals to a dedicated flight controller. An iphone app is also developed to control the quad, however because the quad is unable to self level we cannot demonstrate that aspect.

Challenges we ran into

Time was definitely a big issue. When dealing with hardware, we picked too ambitious of a task that required a lot of testing that we don't have the time for.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

nothing, we suck :(

What we learned

Don't try to code a quadcopter is 3 days.

What's next for Florence

Hopefully, given enough time and patience, this beauty will eventually be able to self level.

Built With

  • ios
  • python-web-socket
  • thread
  • tkinter
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