We noticed most of the floral waste either being recycled into compost or not being recycled at all. So We came up with this idea to convert flower waste into more meaning and relevant products.

What it does

Our project produces incense sticks and Essential oil from floral waste and produces handmade papers to cater the packaging needs. It also connects the people through digital campaign and spread the awareness to recycle the floral waste in more effective ways.

How we built it

We develop a web application using Azure cloud and Dot net .

Challenges we ran into

Establish connectivity between different Technical layers and cloud-based components

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team has experience in backend technologies like Bigdata, MDM, Teradata , ETL, Reporting tool. But we learned Front end development specially for this hackathon and developed the solution successfully.

What we learned

Virtual Team Collaboration, Front end Development, First time Hackathon participation.

What's next for Floral waste

As a road map we are planning to produce Floraform from Floral waste as an alternative of thermocol

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