Globally, we deforest around seven million trees every year. And we plant around 1.9 billion trees every year. We should maintain an equal balance between trees that's been cut and planted to ensure our sustainability of our earth. Apart from that Nearly 20,000+ tress die due to less maintenance. So, we decided to make an app that helps to care of plants in different ways.

What it does

• When you want to know some information’s or facts about some specific plants you can search about it on our App. Our App provides information’s about plants.

• Our App helps you to find out a perfect and suitable place for your plant to grow healthier and stronger in your house. It identifies the places which have better sunlight and which place is suitable for the plant to grow.

• Our App helps you to know the position of the sun. So that you can place your plant towards the position of the sun which helps your plant to grow stronger.

• Do you often forgot to water the plants? Then this is for you. Our App provides water reminder feature. By that you can set the timer to water your plant. And our App notifies you to water the plant at the given time.

• Do you have trouble while gardening? No more worries. Our App provides you useful videos about gardening and tips to take care of plants and many more.

How we built it

• As a framework, we used flutter for making the mobile application.

• For compass, we used a package that works using the accelerometer

• For getting current position and temperature, we used geolocation API and OpenWeather API

• For AR view, we used ar core sdk

• More features are added using various packages of flutter

• The intro website is made using HTML CSS

Challenges we ran into

• Searching part was bit tough as we didn't got perfect sources for the information that our app requires, but at last we got one solution for that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• As this app was challenging and was having some problems, yet we solved those problems by doing some research and discussion

• Also we added one feature which tells user a perfect location for plants at their home considering sunlight, it was tricky. But still we were able to accomplish it.

• And we're proud that we completed this project in time.

What we learned

• We learned how to implement our ideas using technology like flutter.

• We learned about concepts like AR and how to implement it in our project.

• We learned some advance concept of flutter and used it this project.

What's next for Floracious

• With some development Floracious would be able to give information about the particular plant by placing that plant in front of camera.

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