Flora is a community-based website dedicated to breaking the taboo around womxn’s sexual & reproductive health. We believe that womxn should be able to get the care they need without fear of judgment from others. We know how embarrassing and difficult it can be to talk about these topics - trust us, we’ve been there.

The Flora team consists of four driven and passionate women - Anika, Doris, Deborah and Isabel. This project was inspired by two larger, current problems - womxn's inability to have regular checkups with gynecologists due to the COVID-19 pandemic; and womxn's health being overlooked in school education and deemed "inappropriate" to talk about. Being womxn of color, we experience additional obstacles related to our sexual & reproductive health. From stigmas within POC families and communities, to the implicit biases against POC womxn perpetuated by health professionals, we are extremely aware that these problems still exist in even the most developed societies. We created Flora to address these issues and create a safe space for all womxn to talk about problems they have related to their sexual and reproductive health.

One of the biggest challenges we faced as a team was narrowing down our idea so that is both unique and effective. The broader topic we started with was womxn’s health, and it was hard to narrow it down because there’s just so many ways we can approach that. We originally wanted the website to be more educational, but we didn’t know how to deliver information without just regurgitating words from Google searches. Ultimately, we decided to create a community-based platform so that people & doctors can directly interact with others. Our second biggest challenge was learning how to use new technology - while all four of us have had coding experience, we decided to branch out beyond our comfort zones and use new tools such as Dialogflow. While we struggled at times, we were able to create a functional chatbot and website. Overall, this experience was amazing for the four of us, and we'll always remember it.

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