We saw the EXIT sign and we thought about our emergency plan. However, there are various exits and there are many ways to exit.

What it does

It simulates the shortest evacuation route during an emergency. It's based on the floor plan

If you successfully execute the program, you will a window says: FileChoseDemo with two Buttons "Open a File" and "Load Image"

Click "Open a File" and select a floor plan image(JPEG or PNG) to convert the floor plan to a matrix After the image is processed, click "Load Image" to see a constructed map. Double click to create an object. First three objects are exits(Green). Then double click the place you want to start at. A path in yellow will guide you to the closest exit.

Click right bottom to change create fire(Red). When after the color is red, double click to create a fire. If the fire blocks the path, the algorithm will find a new path. If no paths are available, a message of "Dead!" will display.

Real World Application

This can simulate an evacuation plan in a building. This would help fire inspection evaluation Also, it helps firefighter to determine the dead-corner in the building when they know the location of the fire.

How We built it

We use Java to process the floor plans and convert the image to Matrix


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