A Smart Retail Management System

While talking to Walmart Representatives, we realized that Walmart, and countless other corporate stores, don’t have a unifying organization service to display and layout individual floor plans. Floor.it solves this problem through a revolutionary program that takes in a current floor plan image (with or without labels), and through image-detection machine learning, outputs a wireframe of that floor plan, without any labels, onto our self-made html GUI. Managers can use our wireframe to easily relocate anything in their inventory by filling in the wireframe with unique colors to signify different products, establishing a clear and organized map of its current positions in the process. Managers can also explore expanding their own store by adding more shelving units in their wireframe through an add feature in our GUI. Corporations can implement this program throughout retail stores, nationwide, to finally have a unified organization system. There is great potential in our system, with great potential for expanding its analytical capabilities based on company data, and scalability to large retail chains.

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