FloofWorld has always been something of a childhood dream, because I frequently stumble upon math problems or science concepts that I can't really grasp and that google can't help me with as easily. Back before I knew coding, I always wished that there was a place where I could ask for help in my studies. After entering this hackathon, I remembered the issue and realized it was something I could make a solution for.

What it does

After you sign up, you can ask questions with a title, tags(sadly, didn't have time to finish search features so no functionality for tags yet), and a body. Then when you go to a questions listing page, you can see all the questions posted and answer them or view answers.

How we built it

I used HTML, CSS and javascript languages for this. I used firebase firestore for the database, and the DOM API to make it dynamic.

Challenges we ran into

I had some issues with getting the time that a question was posted because of my unfamiliarity with the javascript date object, and I had to read the documentation for a long time to grasp it. However, my biggest challenge I faced was figuring out which colors/fonts to use since I am not great at UI. I also had another issue(this took me like a full 15 minutes to fix) where the input boxes were appearing right next to each other horizontally, rather than on new lines. Turns out I didn't need display:flex over there.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud of figuring out dates and some of the CSS rules that I used for styling. I am also proud of thinking of this idea and envisioning it so clearly, because one of my biggest issues when coding is thinking of a project and envisioning how I want it.

What we learned

I learned about the Javascript date object and about flexbox, as well as the logic for looping through a json object(did not know this earlier).

What's next for FloofWorld

I want to add features to mark an answer as the correct one(like in stack overflow), reply to answers, and archive questions that have been answered already, as well as search features so you can find subject-specific questions. I also plan to make the UI prettier because it is very basic right now.

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