We wanted to solve 1st global prophet for Kalahari Conservational Society, started to research the topic and realised that that most communication media tools (apps, websites, etc.) for current solutions are very outdated, buggy and have limited functionality.

What it does

It’s a system template that can be used by any nature conservation organization to collect users reports and react on it.

How I built it

We user React Native library to implement mobile application prototype, Symphony as a main backend technology

Challenges I ran into

How to create a solid product in a small amount of time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We understood that a lot of organizations have the same problem (collecting reports) and figured out how to make a customisable system that can be adapted by any organization without excessive resources.

What I learned

We learned teamwork.

What's next for Floof defence

We plan to finalise mobile apps and website development to test with one of the conservation nonprofits in Russia and then start rolling out it to other organisations worldwide. As the demand increases, we’d add other functionality like SMS, chatbot and phone call reporting. We expect the project to become a backbone for incident reporting for small and medium sized conservational societies across the globe. Making it apublic project we aim to create an enthusiast community that would help to develop and improve the project.

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