Frustration with current travel search as it always assumes that a group of travellers originates frm the same city. If you and your travel mate hail from different cities most great features (price calendar, deal alerts) of Skyscanner, Google Flights and such become useless: you need to find options that are cheap for both of you. You can end up spending hours manually going through different dates and cities you can meet up in.

What it does

It's a simple chatbot: it asks you for a pair of cities and sends you 2 itineraries: one from your city to the meetup city, another from you friend's city to the meetup city.

How I built it

I stand on the shoulders of 3 giants: Skyscanner API, Telegram bot API and an open-source library called Relayer that just so happens to have been written by me (for another project). The server that connects the three was written in Clojure.

Challenges I ran into

I was supposed to have a team but they disappeared into the cold Catalan night.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I love how simple the interface turned out to be. No nonsense, just a quick exchange with a bot.

What I learned

  1. I have added Morse to my toolkit: it's a great Clojure library for Telegram bots.
  2. I can't do 36 hours without sleep
  3. Finding teammates at the teambuilding event at the hackathon might not be such a good idea

What's next for Flocky

Better algorithms that pick up even lower prices. Filters that let you say why this option doesn't work for you (so that Flocky can offer you ones that do)

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