We were inspired by birds. Their organizational patterns, known as flocking, helped us design the patterns for the ships in our designs. We also looked at problems with space travel such as orbital space junk.

What it does

This is a 2D simulation of autonomous spaceships traversing through a plane. These planes seek to fly together, like birds, to remain organized. The purpose of the organization of these spaceships is to diminish the problems already present in space travel. We organized three modes space mode, atmospheric mode, and junk mode. Space mode is used to simulate the situation of other asteroids being present while these spaceships are navigating through the area. Atmospheric mode is used to simulate the spaceships handling of Earths atmosphere. Junk mode is used to clear space junk in space left by other spaceships. No collisions. No space junk. No Damage. Our overall purpose is to simulate the solution to orbital space junk. Key I is used to increase cohesion, Key J is used to decrease cohesion, Key O is used to increase alignment, Key K is used to decrease alignment, Key P is used to increase separation, and Key L is used to decrease separation.

How we built it

We built it using Java and processing libraries. We also had various variables to control the ships. These variables being Cohesion, Alignment, and Separation. Cohesion is used to steer to move toward the average position of local flock mates. Alignment is used for steering towards the same destination of local flock mates. Separation is used to steer and avoid conflicting with other flock mates. The UI can be used to control all these variables.

Challenges we ran into

Computational complexity. Specifically, creating the physics engine. Implementation of the weather API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The implementation of the weather API, flocking, and the physics engine. We are also proud of our UI and visual design.

What we learned

We learned about simulation, processing, vectors, and design.

What's next for Flockin in Space

We hope to expand on the features the spaceships have

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