Inspired by our own team’s desire to do a roadtrip over Spring Break, we decided to incorporate home pooling into our project. Our plan aims to make it easy for friends or strangers alike to travel and share a space under one roof. Being able to match with other renters and split the price opens a world of possibilities for people who have smaller budgets and/or want to enjoy shorter stays.

What it does

Flock allows its users to locate rentals that are open to pooling and rent their own private room with shared living spaces. We make it easy to find other renters to share your space with by automatically pairing you with other renters who have similar profiles and are interested in the same property. If you have already booked a property, you (and any other current co-renters) have the option to approve or deny any new requests to join the rental.

Our reputation system establishes a way for other renters to know who they are renting with by assessing their responsibility and compatibility. Renter profiles are generated in-app on the fly when users sign up and fill out a short roommate survey. Once the rental is completed, co-renters will be prompted to assess their co-renters’ survey accuracy. Your score will be converted to a 5-point scaled score that will represent your reputation.

How we built it

Flock was written in React Native, allowing us to develop for Android and iOS at the same time. We used a SQL database to store user and rental information. Furthermore, Flask was used to serve requests to the app from the database as well as Expedia’s Geography Search API.

Challenges we ran into

This hackathon is the first time our team had worked with React Native, so that part of it was a learning experience for all of us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud of having developed a credibility system to bring confidence to renters when house pooling by ensuring accountability and responsibility.

What's next for Flock

Our reputation point system is just the beginning. It works for groups but we’d also like to expand it to individual renters. By harnessing your mobile device’s camera, quick snapshots of the property grant property owners peace of mind while building your own reputation score as assessed by the property owner. This enables an easy way for renters to build a reputation score with or without home pooling. Our solution also means there is no up front cost typically associated with deposits or premiums for bad credit or no credit.

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