As first-year computer science students, our group has grappled with the challenge of transitioning from high school to university. In high school, bad habits such as procrastination and a poor work ethic often went on unpunished. In contrast, these same habits end up being detrimental to our ability to simply keep up in university.

That's why we created Flock. Studying with a group of peers allows for better support, commitment, interaction and immersion that often resonate to produce a much more productive environment compared to studying alone. By allowing students to connect and form effective study groups on-campus with the click of a button, we aim to help students survive and thrive in their university careers.

What it does

Flock is a social media platform that allows students to study in groups on-campus. Students have the option of (1) joining a Flock by clicking on one of the pre-existing markers found on the campus map previously placed by another student looking for people to Flock with. As previously alluded to, students also have the option of (2) starting a Flock by sharing their study location, year and subject of study. This way, students looking to Flock can join Flocks that suit their study needs.

How we built it

Our website uses the Google Maps API to create and render the map of campus.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Flock

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